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Since announcing The Summon Platform exactly three weeks ago, the team has devoted considerable effort into better telling the story of Summon.

Who are we?

What are our intentions, and what are the distinctive features of The Summon Platform?

And why is The Summon Platform being so energetically and passionately developed by our simply awesome team of Web3 programmers, business analysts, academics, and legal minds?

Sure, The Summon Platform has been reported more than 600 times in the media and blogosphere since announcing on July 20, 2022. But even with all that ink and all those pixels, we didn’t feel that we had really told our story in a structured way.

We were invited by a very widely-read and influential blockchain sector news blog, AMBCrypto, to join their journalist Jacob Thomas for a broad-ranging interview. Our four co-founders sat down and answered Jacob’s questions with, we think, is our most concise and clear presentation yet. In Jacob’s words, “In an interview with Adam Rusch, Ph.D., Summon Association president, Thomas DiMatteo, Summon Labs CEO, Riley Kilgore, Summon Labs CTO, and Matthew Bowen, Esq, Summon Labs’ general counsel, the top officials of The Summon Platform, we discussed the platform’s journey, the emergence of DAOs, the platform’s role in facilitating DAO adoption, and much more.”

We want to be transparent here: The Summon Platform did pay a nominal fee for publication in such a widely-read and relevant news blog (AMBCrypto attracted 4.2 million very relevant readers last month alone), and we were approached and invited to tell our story, so the opportunity to further raise awareness of our DAO operating system was too good to pass up. So please don’t feel that the “sponsored” tag on this interview diminishes the content. Adam, Thomas, Riley, and Matthew each brought their A-game, and we are proud to see that at the time of writing, some seven hours after the story first posted, it is still algorithmically at the very top of AMBCrypto’s home page!

One fun fact to note, is that the story has been organically picked up and republished across the blogosphere through today. As of the time of writing this post, we’ve seen the story re-published at least 76 times, and it has even been translated into 55 languages!

We highly commend “A comprehensive solution for intuitive DAO creation: Interview with The Summon Platform’s team” from AMBCrypto to you.

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