$SUMMON Community Sale Early Access Event

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The $SUMMON Public Community sale is quickly approaching and we plan to kick it off in a big way with a special Early Access Event designed to acknowledge and reward the ecosystem partners and communities who align with our ethos and who have supported us along the way. This unique “whitelist” event is designed to give Cardano community members and those who have supported the community-led projects first access to the Public sale event.

The SUMMON token community sale will go live on August 15, 2022, less than two weeks from today. The Summon tokens allocated to the public sale will be divided into three different events.

The first: “Early Access Event”, will start on August 15, and will last three days or until sold out. Two (2) percent of $SUMMON total supply (or 20% of the “public sale” allocation) will be devoted to this event at a per token price of 0.05 ADA. In order to participate users must hold at least one (1) $ADAO (ADAO v2 GovToken), $MIN (Governance token for the MinSwap DAO), or $LQ (Liqwid DAO token) in their participating self-custodied Cardano wallet (i.e. Eternl, Nami, Gero, Flint). Holding only one (1) token from either of these communities/projects will grant you access to the early sale and there is no advantage to having more than one (1).

Once live, users will be able to visit the site, accept the terms and conditions, connect their Cardano wallet and participate in the sale. The sale will leverage our new and innovative non-custodial, smart contract system.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT send funds from an exchange wallet and do NOT send a manual transaction! Doing so will likely result in the loss of tokens as our system utilizes a novel smart contract. Protect yourself from scams and mistakes by only using the official sale site.

Details and dates surrounding the second and third public sale events will be released shortly after the Early Access Sale on August 15th is completed and will simply require a self-custodied Cardano wallet to participate.

We are very grateful for the communities and projects on Cardano that have supported us since day one. We want to acknowledge and support these projects that continue to align with our ethos to not only build ON Cardano but to build FOR Cardano!

Want to learn more? Find out more about the Summon Platform via:

Medium / Twitter / Linkedin / Discord / Github (ADAO)

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