Summon Association Introduces Advisors

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The Summon Association has been hard at work engaging with the Cardano Community and wider Blockchain industry to identify the tools and techniques that will make the Summon Platform the best DAO Operating System on any decentralized network. We are proud to announce our first cohort of Summon Platform Advisors that have already begun working with the Summon development teams.

Dewayne Cameron
Founder, Liqwid Labs

Dewayne “DC” Cameron serves as CEO of Liqwid Labs, developer of Liqwid – an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for interest rate curves based on lender supply and borrower demand of the underlying Cardano native assets. As a Project Catalyst backed project, Liqwid has continuously engaged with the community and set the standard for transparent accountability. DC has been instrumental in the commissioning of Agora, Cardano’s first Plutarch-based governance suite, developed in partnership with MLabs, ADAO, and the Cardano Community, to allow on-chain token governance.

Jeff Kafka
Founder, Wind over Water Kiteboarding

Jeff Kafka is a water sports pioneer whose company turned kitesurfing into the new golf of Silicon Valley alongside MaiTai global. As a team-building consultant and start-up strategist he has worked with some of Silicon Valley’s top executives and served as a water safety expert for tech founders of Amazon, Canva, Samsung, Zoom and Google. Kafka has taken his innovative approach to problem-solving on the water and wave to entrepreneurs from the basement to the boardroom. He is currently involved with Data privacy/key management start ups and he helped launch several blockchain projects including GREEN digital rewards, a Proof-of-Power concept that encourages sustainable energy supported by a unique node network.

Jeff Kafka

David Baxter
Founder, Beanchain Coffee

David Baxter founded the Beanchain Coffee Shop model driven by a desire to fight poverty and empower workers, embracing the same principles of permissionless blockchain systems that every member of the organization should have a say in the way the value they produce is used. David also leads the Blockchain Learning Center, an outreach program of Beanchain that creates accessible and engaging educational resources and experiences in collaborative ways that empower people to learn about using blockchain technology for good. The goal is to make learning these complicated topics simple for anyone of any age range, culture, and from all walks of life.

David Baxter

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