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The blockchain blogosphere is populated by thousands of news blogs, opinion sites and information portals. Those that consistently attract millions of unique visitors each and every month are rarer. One such consistent performer, with more than 3.1M unique monthly readers is the well-known news and opinion site (founded in 2018 when the Cardano blockchain had launched only a year prior.)

When we were approached by BeInCrypto to partner with them on a profile of The Summon Platform, we hustled to work on that with their editorial team in time for our 40th-day-since-announcing milestone (yesterday!)

The approach that the Hong Kong-based BeInCrypto team took is that they performed all their independent reporting and analysis, based on interviews with our founding team members, their access to our git repos, and their own discoveries. We did have a chance to fact-check, but that’s where the scope of our input ended. As such, we feel that the profile has solid integrity and it is interesting to us to see how we appear to BeInCrypto’s independent blockchain editorial team (in our case, led by multilingual blockchain editor Vignesh Karunanidhi — thanks Vignesh!)

We’re really happy to have had this opportunity to introduce the future of DAOs and The Summon Platform’s novel DAO operating system to BeInCrypto readers (the blog’s top-5 reader geographies are the United States, Hong Kong, France, Germany and Turkey, so hi, lei ho, bonjour, hallo and merhaba to new friends!

Please learn more about The Summon Platform and how we plan to revolutionize and radically democratize access to high-functioning decentralized autonomous organizations!

We hope you enjoy our partnered profile, “The Summon Platform: Developing the Next-generation DAO Operating System” at

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