Product Reveal Series: Fee-Free Voting

Fee-Free Voting
We're kicking off our Product Reveal Series by going on a deeper dive with our Fee-Free Voting System.

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Voting Made Easy

The Summon Fee-Free Voting System was designed with modularity as a core principle. The ability to configure and customize the system to fit the needs of the organization as opposed to the organization being forced to fit into the rigid framework of the tool is just one of the many design choices that set it apart from other solutions on the market today.

  • Deploy cryptographically secure and verifiable voting system with just a few clicks.

  • Create polls and vote on proposals without spending any transaction fees.

  • Fully configurable voting/polling options.

  • Delegate your voting power.

  • Use any policy ID (token) as voting power.

  • Assign voting power to tokens even if they’re staked in a smart contract. E.g.: Liquidity pools.

  • (Optional) integration of ADA Handles for easy naming and verifiability. 

This Cardano native solution leverages CIP 8, an early Cardano improvement proposal that sets a robust standard for how to represent and verify signed messages for Cardano. It allows a user to cryptographically sign votes without the need to pay transaction fees. This advanced, user-friendly system directly leverages the security of cryptography and the determinism of Cardano, without the clunkiness and fees we see in systems that require a transaction to vote.

Another notable feature of the Summon signature voting system is the ability for voters to easily delegate and un-delegate their voting power without giving up custody of their assets. (Even during the voting process assets never leave the user’s wallet).

This feature will help greatly to relieve some of the pain points we see today in distributed organizations by enabling a greater diversity of thought and by giving the more “passive” participants a way for their voices to be heard.

The Fee-Free Voting System is fully configurable and can be deployed with just a few clicks directly from the Summon interface or through your community interface via one of the many Summon APIs.

Creating A Poll

The Summon Fee-Free Voting System makes poll creation easy and can be configured to include just one single asset as voting power or, if you choose, multiple assets and multiple snapshots all set to take place at different times.

Create a poll
  • Choose “Create New Poll”

  • Give your poll a title.

  • Add the description and body explaining the details of the poll. (You will also notice a field where you can include any applicable links. E.g. you can include links to supporting data or even to a wider discussion or forum)

  • Configure polling options. (I.e. Yes, No, Abstain)
Give voting power to one or more assets
  • Select the asset(s) that will be used to cast votes. (E.g. Policy ID and asset name. Any Cardano Native can be used, FT or NFT.)
Configure snapshot
  • Select the time for when the snapshot will be taken.

  • Select the start and end date and time for your poll.

  • Deploy your poll.

Voting on a poll

As a voter, the user flow is simple and easy. You can comfortably read more about the proposal you’re voting on, see how many people voted on it, or even delegate your voting power.

Vote on polls or delegate your voting power
  • Connect your wallet that contains the required voting token.

  • Review the proposal and select an option.

  • Cast your vote by signing a message with your connected wallet.

Token holders who wish to delegate their voting power can do so by simply entering the addr1 or associated $adahandle of the user they wish to delegate to. You can also change or revoke your delegation at any time and tokens never leave your wallet.

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