Summon Platform

Design your DAO

One-Stop Dao management

We navigated many challenges while creating the first DAO on Cardano. Summon Platform is built on knowledge gained on that journey, designed to make it easy for any community to create their DAO.

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Quick and easy DAO creation and management.

Governance Token

Generate your own governance/utility token according to your rules.

DeFi Access

Access Summon's DeFi yield strategies to help your DAO prosper.

On-Chain Voting

Customize your DAO's governance and voting policy.

Summon Lite Paper

Learn all about the Summon Platform in our Lite Paper.

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Write and submit proposals for your DAO to vote on.


Create and manage your DAO's advanced smart contract and/or multi-signature wallet.


Launch and manage your own staking portal with multi-signature treasury policies.
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$SUMMON token

Learn how the $SUMMON token works.


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